Cheap Thrills the Roller Babe

Cheap Thrills the Roller Babe


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Step into a world of high-octane excitement with Cheap Thrills The Roller Babe. This heavyweight masturbator, tipping the scales at 2.5 lbs. / 1.1 kg, is designed for those who crave intensity and exhilaration in their sensual adventures.

The masturbator is crafted from the ultra life-like Pure Skin material, offering an authentic and deeply satisfying experience. The dual entry feature allows for complete exploration, inviting you to indulge in both front and back door escapades, each with its own unique sensations.

The soft, tight, and stretchy composition of this masturbator ensures a snug, full coverage experience, while the multi-textured interior stimulates every contour with precision. The closed end design creates a powerful suction effect, intensifying the pleasure and mimicking a truly intimate encounter.

Maintenance-free and anatomically correct, Cheap Thrills The Roller Babe is designed for ease of use and the utmost enjoyment. It is a celebration of passion and excitement, offering an exhilarating ride to those who seek to elevate their sensual experiences.

• Ultra life-like Pure Skin masturbator
• Dual entry for front or back door action
• Soft, tight and stretchy
• Multi-textured stimulation
• Closed end for superior suction
• Anatomically correct
• Maintenance free

• 4.5" x 5.5" x 6" (11.5 cm x 14 cm x 15.25 cm) Wash before and after each use.

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